Mornington Peninsula What's On | May 15, 2020

We may not be able to wander the local markets, cafes and restaurants but we can head out to an open inspection at one of our current listings this weekend! We're excited to get back to meeting you all at opens again, though we have enjoyed the private inspections recently and will of course be continuing with private inspections when requested.

Though we're not back to life as we knew it, the scheduled re-opening of schools has received a mixed emotional response from those we've chatted with this week. Some are ecstatic and others a little sad to see the kids head off again after so long at home. For those still with the house full, here are some great activity ideas to do...

Cooking or Baking With The Kids

Dig out the old cook books and probably the old clothes and spend some time in the kitchen. From past experience if you mention the word "cake" my kids are happy to pay attention suddenly!

For those of us that are a little culinary challenged try a DIY pizza, grab a base, throw on some cheese and the rest of the ingredients and you're off to a good start.

And if real food, knives and hot things are not recommended for your kids, then there's always the good old pretend kitchen and tea parties.

Get Digging In The Garden!

This one can serve a few purposes, for those of you thinking about selling now's a great time to get the house ready to present. Where better to start then the garden and making that all important good first impression?!

What kid doesn't love to get dirty digging in the garden? Though again, from experience it's probably worth keeping an eye on them as they tend to mix up a weed and a nice flower on occasion!

Dust Off The Puzzles And Board Games

You'd be surprised how helpful an 8 year old can be finding that key puzzle piece that's eluded you for hours. It doesn't matter if it's a Wiggles puzzle in big pieces or a map of the Peninsula, it's sure to fill in some time and hopefully see a smile or two at the end of it.

We hope everyone is doing well during the self isolating and self distancing measures in place, stay safe and we look forward to seeing everyone out and about in the not too distant future once everything is clear!

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