Easter Isolation Ideas For The Whole Family

With the Easter long weekend here, for a lot of us the long weekend feels exactly like the last two weeks or so, staying home and thinking of ways to keep the kids entertained! Here's some ideas you can do with the family while staying home this Easter...


This is an old favourite, grab a bit of paper and draw big bunny feet on it, for those of us a little artistically challenged all you need to do is one big circle then three smaller circles above it.

Then cut out the feet and place them on the floor, this will give you a stencil to use, you can now sprinkle flour over the stencil to create a bunny like footprint.

Depending on the age of your children you can make these while they're asleep, or otherwise entertained, if you're keeping the magic of the Easter Bunny alive make sure you remove the stencil and evidence!


Now is the perfect time to teach the grand parents how to use technology! Host an Easter brunch with all the family connected via Zoom, FaceTime or any other form of available technology.

Although never the same as catching up in person, getting together as a family via a call and reminiscing is a great way to stay in touch during the current climate.


Easter may not be the time you normally associate with gardening, but as Autumn is here and we're all confined to our homes, there are a number of varieties you can plant that flower in Winter or Spring. A garden project may be a good way to get some of the chores around the house done with the help of the whole family!


Grab a packet of eggs, some paint or textures and get the creative juices flowing. Colourful eggs, funny faces and whatever else your kids come up with will be a good way to entertain everyone for an afternoon, if you're lucky.

Stay safe everyone, if anyone needs any real estate advice or assistance get in touch with our team, we'll help where we can. We hope everyone has a happy Easter weekend!

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