Fun Activities You Can Do At Home

As we're all doing what we can to keep our sanity during this social distancing period, it can be especially challenging for us parents! So I thought we'd share some of our favourite ideas you can do with the kids without leaving the house...


A great idea that we saw was to make a bird feeder out of a toilet paper roll, let's face it we've all stockpiled on enough of it that there should be an empty roll or two in the house by now! Here's how you can make a simple bird feeder at home with the kids, an activity that keeps them busy while making it and entertains them after it's made!

Step 1: Smoother a cardboard tube in peanut butter, any version without added salt and sugar are suitable for birds).

Step 2: Roll the cardboard roll in bird seed and thread string through the hole.

Step 3: Tie up the feeder in your garden somewhere that you think birds will feel safe dropping by for a snack!

Don't forget to enter our Easter Colouring Competition, you can download the page from our website HERE and take a photo, scan or post it back to be in the draw to win $100 ToyWorld voucher!


It's important to keep moving for your health and sanity, plus if you can tire the kids out you're more likely to be able to get some peace at a reasonable hour! Be sensible and stay safe, but a walk around the block for half an hour or so is within the current Government recommendations, just be sure to keep your social distance. A number of homes on the Peninsula have been putting teddy bears in the front window, or in a tree in the front garden so you could go on a "Bear Hunt" and other people have been putting rainbow drawings out as well.


Mix up the lunchtime routine by grabbing a blanket or towel and heading outside for a picnic, depending on how old your children are you can pretend that their favourite teddy bear is hungry and joining you! When the kids are in bed you can always pack the picnic basket with a bottle of red, some cheese and head back outside.

We hope that everyone is doing ok with the measures in place at the moment, with 3 young daughters myself I'm seeing first hand the challenge of keeping them entertained while self isolating. So each week we will try and provide some ideas and activities to do at home, if you have a good idea or would like to share what you're doing to keep the kids busy we'd love for you to share your experiences via our social media pages!

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