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It's lovely people like this that make all of the hard work so worthwhile, this is a flashback to a fantastic reveiw we received around this time last year...

Hello Joel - we hope wherever you are you are enjoying a little down time with your family I’m not sure how 2018 has been for you and yours but I have to tell you our year has been amazing. 12 months ago we hadn’t really contemplated moving, it was something we should be doing but weren’t 100% serious about it. As you know we were seduced by the expectation of a very high price and the journey began. We found an amazing “forever” home through Adrian and we thought that when received that very high price for Corey Avenue our lives would be complete. And then along came you and Adrian to put us back on track - thoughts of a new Maserati and a trip to the Maldives evaporated rather quickly. But wise words were spoken, trust us trust the process, so we did. Despite some WTF moments we hung tough And the reason we stayed on track trusting the process was because of you and your staff. I was always kept informed of what was happening- phone calls and e mails each contact reassuring us we were doing the right thing. Mel was a joy to deal with she is clearly the glue in your office and whatever you pay her it is not enough.

Now what to say about your right hand man. You would have to go a long way to find a more pleasant, happy, personable and professional man. I’m quite sure he had bad days or days when he saw my name on his phone that he thought .... not again . But I never knew about it. Despite having to clean and tidy for open for inspection days it was always something to look forward to as Adrian was coming along with his infectious laughter and smile. And you Joel always there guiding your amazing team, a boss is only as good as his staff and you have a team that goes above and beyond for you. As promised following the process worked and what a great result. We cannot thank you enough. So with one house sold and our new home in Hillman very close to being finished we have Joel Hood Property to thank. We hope that if you are ever passing you will pop in and see our new home, you will always be welcome. Thank you all and we hope 2019 is healthy happy and successful for you. Best Wishes,

G & P - Vendors Corey Ave Dromana

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