Have A Scarily Fun Safe Time This Halloween!

Halloween has become a major event in Australia in recent years, growing in popularity year by year. How could we not love an event that features so much orange?!?! For those getting into the spirit (get it?) this year we've put together a few handy tips to help with the festivities.

Show Your Spirit

Turn on your outside lights, put decorations out the front of your home and make it clear that you are participating in the festivities. Not all homes welcome trick or treaters so if you are, make it obvious.

If strangers knocking on your door asking you for lollies isn't your thing, then consider putting up a simple sign on your door something along the lines of "sorry we're not participating this year, have a great time".

Clear A Path

If you get a chance, clear away any over hanging branches across the path to your house. It's sometimes hard to see when you're wearing a mask so help make it safe for those wandering around where possible!

Keep Pooch Clear

If possible keep your pets out of the front yard, so they don't get spooked or try and chase someone who is dressed up like a skeleton thinking that they're a bone!

Secure Your Home

Although it is meant to be a lighthearted, fun activity, sometimes Halloween can bring out the tricksters that take it a little far. So if you have a bike or anything else of value that normally lives in your front yard, maybe put those away out of sight and lock any side gates if possible.


But the most important thing to remember on Halloween is to have fun and enjoy the occasion with family and friends. It's really all about having a good time and spending some time together with those in your community, something we endorse fully!

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