Get Sold & Settled Before Christmas!

From the deep chill of winter, Spring brings a renewed sense of excitement with warmer days, brilliant sunlight and of course, greener lush surrounds. There’s no doubt that traditionally Spring is the most popular season to sell your home, but what if you want to move and settle before Christmas – is it too late? Don’t panic. Spring is almost here, but the good news is, you haven’t missed the boat! However, over the next few months, your property will be at its prime, so if you’re thinking of selling, you may want to start taking action.

“When should we start planning?”

As the top selling team on the Mornington Peninsula we get to meet so many wonderful people in the local area. We often hear the words “We’re going to sell soon” or “We would like to make a move before the end of the year”. The truth is, if you’re thinking the same then you may want to start angling for an early to mid-October sale – leaving approximately 60 days for a settlement to meet the Christmas deadline. In saying that, timing your sale all depends on your property and how it is currently desired in the local market, so now is a great time to start researching how your property compares, and bring in one of the Joel Hood Property team to help provide an opinion of value, and if you're ready start developing a sales strategy for you to consider when the time is right to proceed.

When it comes to how you should sell, there’s a number of different options. Fixed Date Sale, Private Sale, Off Market, Auction, they're all suitable and successful for different properties and circumstances. Auction campaigns generally run for 3-4 weeks, with private sales anywhere from 3 days to forward of 60 days depending on the level of interest in specific areas. It’s best to speak with Joel Hood Property to gauge our professional opinion on what method would be best for your home and your needs.

“Is it worth updating my home?”

The short answer? Maybe, depending on your property, how it is presented and what the most likely buyer will be expecting. Though, please don’t jump in and start knocking down walls! More often than not, making minor cosmetic changes can have the most significant effect on buyers. A coat of paint, some new floor coverings or even some new houseplants may also do the trick if your home is looking a little tired. You want to impress, but not overwhelm your buyers – so minor adjustments and of course de-cluttering can boost the interest levels.

Styling a home professionally is also an option for giving your home a facelift it needs to reflect your immediate buyers market. Purchasers are more often than not drawn to your property through the first three images on your online listing. If your photographs don’t portray an excellent first impression, then you’re not giving yourself the best chance. You want to engage their eye, and modern, clean-lined styling can offer a blank canvas or an enviable lifestyle that your potential purchaser will want to buy into, proving well worth the investment at the time of sale.

“So, what’s next?”

It’s a daunting decision to make, but if you want to move into a new home before Santa delivers the gifts, then you need to make a start now. Start from the beginning and think about contact any of our award winning team to assist you with your queries. An updated market appraisal will give you an educated understanding of where your home currently stands compared to others on the market. Joel Hood Property will also be able to assist you with what you may need to do around the house to maximise your selling value – meaning you can start making it happen!

Even if you’re not thinking of selling at the moment, many property owners often ask our team ‘What’s my property worth?’ to stay on top of what is happening in the market. Take advantage of a complimentary report for your property today. Who knows what your pot of gold might be worth; you might be pleasantly surprised! Simply fill out the form online HERE and we'll get a custom report on your property to you.

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