7 Home Staging Tips For A Great First Impression

Like a lot of things in life, first impressions count! Selling your property is no different so we thought we should catch up with the wonderful Gabby Rosenfeld from Freestyle Interiors (freestyleinteriors.com.au) for some advice on staging the entry of your home. Over to you Gabby....

Creating a great first impression starts with potential buyers the minute they walk up to your front door. Make sure you create that wow factor when selling your property to appeal as many buyers as possible.

Here are 7 tips to help create a fabulous entry...


Lighting at your front door should be on trend and thoroughly cleaned. Use bright globes so there is plenty of light when people first walk into the entry.


Make sure your front door is freshly painted and your door hardware is clean or if in a state of disrepair then replace with new door hardware. If you door is dated and tired looking then it is best to install a brand new one. This will make a significant impact to your entrance.


This means getting rid of everything from shoes, coats, bags and hats to umbrellas and papers. There should be not obstructions in the entry way. Also remove any personal family photos. Remember people want to see themselves living in your home.


If your floors are polished boards then you may just need a lovely rug at the front entrance. Whether a circular rug suits best or a larger rectangular style, keep it simple and quite neutral. If your floors are old and worn then consider re-tiling the area with large 600mm x 600mm tiles. You won’t need as many and will make the area look larger.


The trick here is to not over furnish the space. A simple console with a lovely bunch of flowers. Some artwork or a mirror (just don’t face the mirror directly opposite the front door as this is considered bad feng shui) above the console will really set the space off nicely.


Most houses do not have an entry that is blocked off from the rest of the home so you will no doubt be looking into other areas when you enter the house. Be sure to keep all rooms leading off the front entry neat, tidy and clutter free.


Don’t forget hallways and staircases. These areas can also be clearly visible and need to be neat, tidy and clutter free. Ensure all personal items have been removed from these areas and instead hang appropriate attractive artwork. Also ensure that your lighting is nice and bright in these areas.

If you are considering selling your property please feel free to contact any of the award winning Joel Hood Property team (contact us) and we'd be happy to help with any questions you may have, or offer some general advice on the options available.

Of course if you are selling and would like the assistance of a talented stylist like Gabby we constantly recommend her to our vendors! (freestyleinteriors.com.au)

And thank you to the talented Dave from BWRM for the brilliant photos!

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