How To Light Up Your Home For Sale

As we head into the Winter months, lighting becomes so important when presenting your property for sale. With that in mind we thought we'd catch up with the wonderful Gabby Rosenfeld from Freestyle Interiors ( for some advice on how to light up your home when presenting for sale. Over to you Gabby....

Lighting is such an integral part of the overall home staging process and can often be overlooked by Vendors when selling. There are some great inexpensive lighting solutions on the market that can really enhance the interior of a home.

Below are Gabby's 5 lighting tips when it comes to preparing your property for sale.

1. General Lighting

The term general lighting refers to the type of fitting you want to use as a general overall light source. There are many different options available and can range from led down-lights to led oyster fittings or single pendants. Depending on your ceiling and the style of house you have, if you choose down-lights remember that the modern led down-lights are stronger and have a wider beam spread so you do not need to install as many as the older style halogen down-lights. If you have older style down-lights that you want to replace you can purchase conversion plates that go over the existing hole which allows you install a new led down-light. No patching and plastering!!

It is worth noting though that down-lights are not the only solution for general lighting and there are a lot of other choices out there. A pendant in the center of the room can give your room a more even distribution of light than a down-light as it does not create bright pools of light on the floor or make your ceiling cavity appear dark.

2. Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens these days are the hub of the home and as such you can create a great focal point for this room through your choice of lighting. Choosing a modern pendant adds interest and also extra light to work over your food preparation area. As these areas still require a fair amount of light in order to see what you are doing, you may want to place pendants over the bench-top. My suggestion would be to use pendants in proportion with your bench-top and have brighter globes in them for greater illumination. You may opt for cool white in this instance as the color temperature is brighter on your work surface than that of the yellow tones of a warm white globe.

3. Bedroom Lighting

When it comes to staging your property for sale you need to create an atmosphere where buyers will instantly be drawn in to the room. Using softer light in the bedroom will create a more relaxed mood and create an ambient setting. Keep your general lighting to one main light and layer with lamps, wall sconces or side pendants.

4. Bathroom Lighting

For some people bathroom lighting can often be a difficult area to tackle. Try to keep your lighting simple with one general light and secondary lighting over your mirror or ideally place one fitting either side of your mirror at eye level for greater illumination.

5. Outdoor Lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have an alfresco/entertaining area outside then ensure that the area is well lit. Some agents like to take potential buyers through homes of an evening so adequate lighting outside is really important. If you have a deck area consider using deck lights and layer with either wall lights or spot lighting to highlight certain areas.

Also consider illuminating driveways and paths with bollards or path lighting. There are some great products on the market that are reasonably priced and will add instant street appeal to your property.

If you are considering selling your property please feel free to contact any of the award winning Joel Hood Property team (contact us) and we'd be happy to help with any questions you may have, or offer some general advice on the options available.

Of course if you are selling and would like the assistance of a talented stylist like Gabby we constantly recommend her to our vendors!

And thank you to the extremely talented Dave from BWRM for the brilliant photos!

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