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The open for inspection for a home can be a tricky experience at the best of times, especially in what is currently still a highly competitive Mornington Peninsula property market. Besides the awkwardness of walking through a stranger’s walk in wardrobe or bathroom, you're likely to brushing shoulders with your potential "competition" to secure the home.

As much as that alone can be a recipe for a process not too many are thrilled by the prospect of, with the right plan and approach the open for inspection can be one of the most exciting times for perspective house hunters.

Get to know the market

It is a great idea to learn the trends and a basic idea of what the property market is doing in the the area you're searching in. A lot of the time this happens by default, once you spend enough time looking at potential homes both online and in person you start to get a feel for what they'll sell for.

The beauty of this day and age is that so much information if available at the click of a button, or the swipe of a thumb! The more knowledge you have, the better placed you'll be to bid or offer with absolute confidence. A great source of assistance is the local real estate agents, if you're seriously looking at purchasing property on the Mornington Peninsula then you simply need to get in touch with one of the Joel Hood Property team members, we'll help you with the search regardless of whether the property is listed with us. We can offer advice on property that is currently on the market, new listings about to hit the market and even those properties that are listed off market. Get an expert in your corner that knows the ins and outs of the area.

Book a second date

Public open for inspections are a little like speed dating, you get the chance to gauge your level of interest, determine if there is that "spark" and then it's basically time to leave as the agent likely has another one to go to straight afterwards. A good agent will be able to spend the time with every serious buyer at any open, most will have more than one agent at the open. The trouble is the good agents are always in high demand so often they will be hosting multiple public opens every Saturday.

If you find a property that ticks all the boxes, make an appointment with the agent to inspect the property privately during the week. Don't wait until the following Saturday, you'll likely have more people to contend with by then and there's a risk in the current market that someone else liked the property as well and could make an offer before you get the chance to inspect again.

Help us help you

At the end of the day yes we are working for our vendor, but we are working with our vendor to sell their property for a fair price that all parties are happy with. If you are interested in a property, express your interest that way the agent knows to keep you informed if any offers are presented or any changes are made to the price range.

The agent is there to accommodate a sale, make use of that resource and you'll never be thinking "what if" later on. By explaining your ideal situation in terms of price range, location, features etc. it will allow your agent to proactively assist in the search with you. Even if the property you're attending is not the right one, there may be the perfect home about to be listed or currently for sale off market. If you don't communicate with your agent they'll never know to inform you if such a scenario presents.

If you're currently searching for a property on the Mornington Peninsula, please get in touch with our team, we'd love to help you with the search.

Or please visit our Insider's Club page and register your search requirements, we'll keep you updated with any or off market listings that may meet your search!

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