How to pack up from Christmas the right way!

First things first, we love the festive season, it's a fantastic time of year to spend time with loved ones and celebrate. What's not to love? But like most good things, there comes a time when we need to pack up for another year, to make it a little easier we've compiled a list of some of our favourite tips and tricks to keep the decorations organised for next year....


Keep your egg cartons aside and use them to safely store your small decorations from the tree.

Or use plastic cups inside a container for the larger ones, we found a good example from One Good Thing by Jillee...

If you've got a container that's bigger enough to fit two rows like this one, use some of the cardboard you've no doubt got left over from one of the kids toys to make a shelf on top of the bottom layer of cups!


You can also use the left over cardboard from packaging to help keep the strong of lights in some form of order, like the below from ...


The good old coat hanger comes in handy again, with a great idea from Sew Many Ways. Use a coat hanger and a plastic or garbage bag to cover and hang your wreath...


Now here is a great idea that we put out there with a disclaimer, we haven't tried this yet so try at your own risk! But if you do try please let us know, we'd love to hear how it goes!!! The forward thinking lot over at Epbot suggest you use glad/cling wrap to store your artificial tree, lights and all! No disassembly, simply wrap it up and store it in a cupboard until next year, then unwrap and fluff up the branches and hope...

From everyone at Joel Hood Property we hope you had a very Merry & Safe Christmas and that the new year brings nothing but happiness!

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