Do Your Homework

Our first tip is to find a good agent! Read reviews and do your research on who is being recommended in your area, make a few phone calls and visit some of the open for inspections that they are presenting. Selling your house is a giant decision for most people so it pays to have an expert team to help make the process as easy as possible. 


HINT: Joel Hood Property won the 2017 RateMyAgent Agent of the Year for Mornington! So if you're looking for an agent that is highly recommended, we know a guy ;) 

Dress To Impress

Present your home as if the in-laws are coming down for the weekend! We're all guilty of having a slightly different level of presentation when we know someone that we want to impress is coming over, selling is no different. Lets start with the most important tips... 

Clear the clutter! Where possible de-clutter your house, especially the main rooms and entrances (first impressions count). This is where having a family member member or friend with a spare room or garage can come in handy. Some times depending on the level of items you don't use everyday it can be worth hiring space at a local storage company while you sell.

Spick and Span. It's always nice to enter an environment that is clean and tidy. As much as we all struggle to find the time on a daily basis, when selling it is always worth doing a once over of your home with a little bit of spray and wipe. The main surfaces and even windows make a big difference to the overall feel of your home. And remember it may be tempting to not present at your best for one open for inspection but that could be the time a future buyer walks in!  

First impressions count! Don't forget the front of your property, the very first thing people see is often something that is forgotten. Weed the garden, add some pot plants to brighten up the look and you may just impress the right person from the start. 

Cover the basics.  It is common for people to turn on a light switch or tap when inspecting a property. So that means the light bulb that went out the other day, even though it doesn't affect you day to day, it might be a turn off for a new buyer. 

If you'd like any more information please give any of our award winning team a call. 


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